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Meghna Rathore

Initially I was very apprehensive about acupuncture therapy .. but Dr. Jagdish Naik helped me overcome them . Dr. Naik and his staff are very friendly and helpful . I came here to get myself treated for blood pressure, anxiety and back problems and after initial sessions I am finding lot of improvement. Thank you so much Dr. Naik

Nikita Ratnani

I found A.M.P clinic by accident I guess! I was looking on web for acupuncture services near by. I had an serious issue of Sinuses and allergies of dust , bug and mites. Dr Jagdish is very calming, attentive and caring for his clients’ needs. While within a span of a weak i had a 50% result . After 10 days I have seen tremendous improvement in my heath . From every day medicine to no medicine. I am able to handle situations a lot better than before. I had a number of issues so I would definitely recommend Dr Jagdish to anyone interested in trying acupuncture.

Kuljeet Kwatra

I’ve never been as impressed by any medical practitioner as I have been with dr. Jagdish naik. And believe me I have had more than my fair share of encounters with doctors and healers and all sorts of medicine men all my life.

I am amazed at how money controls our lives and how pharmaceutical giants won’t let alternative practices that are so effective and have no side effects flourish.

I had severe pain in my right shoulder from the strain of packing and moving home and workshop recently. I suffered the agonising pain for a whole week before I visited AMP

The very first day, the very first session (20 mins) of acupuncture and I got up off the bed feeling completely rid of the pain!!!

Had I gone to a regular doctor/hospital, I would’ve been asked to do a dozen x-rays and other tests and then four days later they would’ve prescribed me pain killers.

Instead I got instant pain relief with no side effects other than a feeling of well being and of being in able hands.

I highly strongly insistently recommend AMP clinic to every one and guarantee you, you won’t regret your decision to come here.


I have been visiting AMP clinic now for around a year and it has been a great experience. I visited the clinic regarding my knee and spine problems and I have seen tremendous good changes in my entire health. Dr Jagdish Naik is a very humble person who has a plethora of information regarding the alternative medincines and therapies. The staff here is quite friendly and I suggest to everyone that a visit to AMP Clinic is a must .


Had a wonderful experience with the treatment given for weight loss and knee pain. Earlier I could not sit down after the treatment now I am able to sit comfortably. Lost around 18 kgs and feeling fit thought have to loss some more of it no but unfortunately had to go to Pune but will diffinately try to come again and continue the treatment for one more session. Dr. Jagdish and staff are super helpful and make you very Comfortable. Thank you very much for making me feel very good.