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AMP Clinic

AMP Clinic is the first of its kind in alternative therapy in Weight loss and Pain relief management.

A unique and scientific method for “Subtle Energy” diagnosis through latest technologies;

  • GDV / EPI
  • Acugraph
  • Nadi Tarangini
  • Kirlian Aura
  • Biowell Therapy

Based on the teachings of ancient yogic sciences and inferences drawn by the latest technology in place. The diagnostic and healing process involves reading of your;

  • Aura
  • Chakra
  • Energy Bodies
  • Energy Balance

The process is done by taking finger prints through Kirlian camera which gives a detailed report of Chakras i.e., energy plexus in your body.

The report of personal energetic homeostasis by measuring;

  • Energy field
  • Health parameters
  • Present disease
  • Diseases which could Manifest in 6 to 7 months

Treatment is achieved through acugraph technology; A specialized software USA which generates a complete report of;

  • Diseases
  • Deficiency of organs
  • Imbalance of the five elements in the body

AMP Clinic Offers : A Holistic and drug-less therapy through Acupuncture with no side-effects.

A Holistic and drug-less therapy through Acupuncture with no side-effects and also Yoga therapy.