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Mind the Gap

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The gap between what you say and what you do, between what you promise and what you deliver, is like a drain in the road. The drain is where water escapes, just as your power will seep away if there is a difference between your words and your actions. Ask yourself every day, were your thoughts, words and actions aligned? Ask someone else what they saw in you too. Feedback is the food of all positive change.

Being Aware of Specialties

Normally to be special we believe that we have to get a chance from
the situation. So when the situation is good we are able to use our
own specialties, but when the situation is not so good, we tend to
come back to ordinary or waste. So we are constantly waiting for
opportunities to reveal our own specialty and at other times being
coloured by the negativity or ordinariness of the situation. When we
are aware of our own specialties in a conscious way, we are able to
add quality and beauty to everything that we speak or do. Nothing of
ours is then waste or even ordinary but everything we do becomes
special. We are able to make everything more meaningful and powerful.
We are not caught up with the ordinariness or the negativity of the
situation, but are able to enjoy the moment by colouring it with our
own special quality.

Freedom From The Dependency On The New 

In the market, there always appears the novelty (newness) of the same product wrapped differently. There always seems to be a new soft drink, a new kind of chocolate, but they are really the same products as always. The only thing that changes is the packaging and their image. Some children, whenever they go to the market, want the new kinds of biscuits, pastries, etc. They always want new things that then stay in the fridge. We encourage this by telling little children that happiness is stimulation, the new is stimulating, and comes from the outside or you get it from the outside. We create an addiction to the new; in this case, to the newness of the packaging. What kind of newness is that!

When, in order to be happy, you need to go shopping, you try to fill yourself with something that isn’t you. You try to find wholeness by filling your life with material things. A soul who is spiritually awake knows that they are already complete and they do not need to depend on the purchase of something new regularly for feeling full internally. The only effort is in remembering and reconnecting with their whole self, their complete self; reconnecting with their inner treasures of spiritual wisdom, virtues and powers.

In Spiritual Service,

Brahma Kumaris