The Right Time




You cannot make yourself arrive faster than your
mode of transport. You cannot control what gets in the way…

Often, all you can do is have faith and believe
that everything happens in the right way at the right time…

Positive Present

We find we are becoming more and more negative with each passing day,
as the inputs of negativity from all sides in on its rise. Our normal
conversations and interactions are based on this negativity. So
without our conscious knowledge, we tend to become negative. It is
important for us to change the theme of conversation that we have with
others, and start talking about what life gives us. It gives us so
much that goes unnoticed. So we need to consciously change this so
that it creates an environment of hope and enthusiasm for the future,
also giving us a more positive view of the present reality.

The Consciousness Switchover

While we have explained in many of our past messages what body consciousness or attachment to physicality is and how it leads to a creation of lot many different types and shades of vices or weaknesses which tend to creep into our sanskaras, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, words, actions, etc. as a result of which we lose access to our pure, positive inherent nature; another process of subtle attachment to physicality that we get drawn into regularly, which leads to the same result, but on a more subtle level, is karma or action consciousness where there is no over consciousness of the physical body but one gets so engrossed in the role one is playing that one becomes role conscious and experiences bondage and burden and mental freedom is lost. As a result our inner comfort and contentment levels drop, others tend to become discontent with us and we become discontent with them, our relationships suffer, the efficiency in our actions drop, even our physical body is affected and we don’t know the reason for the same.

Most of us will experience body consciousness once in a while but we experience karma consciousness every day, something which we don’t perceive as negative but it gives a negative result because it is a subtle form of body consciousness, which can accumulate inside us over a period of time and cross the boundaries of subtlety and take a gross form. What is a simple solution for the same? A consciousness switchover from role or karma consciousness to soul consciousness at different points in the day and then returning to playing the part of karma with a revised consciousness. The role remains the same and is to be played, the soul cannot exist without it, but the consciousness is changed.

In tomorrow’s message, we will mention a few very simple methods which help us in doing that.

Soul Sustenance

Refreshment for the Mind

Silence is a great therapy for healing the self. If we remain very quiet and concentrate, we save a lot of outward energy, with the result that we act and speak less. When that energy is saved, then we are able to turn inwards and even heal our physical body. On a daily basis, the mind needs to go into a quiet space for refreshment and reflection; in much the same way as the body needs regular breaks for rest and nourishment. Refreshment occurs when the mind is able to recharge itself, that is, to re-energize and to have the strength to remain positive, light and creative. Reflection (looking inwards) is the time we give ourselves to refine our internal understanding of external situations so that our interaction with others is of the highest quality. Through reflection, we can change the way we think, feel and interact. We change the way we are voluntarily and without pain.

Spiritual knowledge without silence is like a bird trying to fly with only one wing.

Silence empowers an individual’s capacities and enables the recognition and release of their unique potential. In today’s world, silence is as necessary for the mind as oxygen is for the body. We need that spiritual breath that sustains our life in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Message for the day

To be a creator means to use all treasures for a positive contribution.

In Spiritual Service,

Brahma Kumaris