Listening to Your Conscience







Our conscience is our in-built awareness of what’s true and what the ‘right’ thing to do is. When we do the ‘wrong thing,’ and go against our conscience, our conscience will nudge us and remind us that we’re our of alignment without truth. At this point, we can listen to our conscience and re-orientate ourselves. There are times we may ignore it or just not hear it because it’s drowned out by all that noise in our heads. Next time before you jump into action, just – shhh! – become quiet and listen to your conscience to discover what its saying.


It is easy to speak negatively when we do not like something about
someone. We first react to them in our mind and so tend to get angry.
Our words and behaviour would then naturally be negative and insulting
too. This further widens the gap and breaks the relationship. When
someone does something undesired, we first need to try and understand
his behaviour. Every person has a reason to behave the way he does. If
we can’t understand at that time, we at least need to give it time.
The more we react to the other person and his behaviour, the greater
the distance that is created. So we need to begin the first step of
positivity by recognizing some positivity in him.

Resisting False Attractions In Actions

All that glitters (shines) is not gold. Life presents you with many illusionary scenes, scenes in which what may be visible may not be the truth. These scenes cause desires to be born inside you to achieve something unnecessary for your prosperity or other types of fulfillments. These can be illusions that make you believe that you will gain something from a situation or person, without the same being true. Thus, you waste time going down a path that not only leads you to disappointment; but you also waste the resource of your thoughts and energy and as a result you tire yourself out emotionally and mentally.

If the intellect is polluted, you make incorrect judgments and are easily deceived by situations or people. Thus, you will make incorrect choices, dishonest or illogical decisions. You will justify dishonesty and improper actions and you will be incapable of differentiating between the real and the imaginary. A person with a pure, clear, clean and powerful intellect will act with honesty and sincerity. When your intellect is polluted, you may act against your own conscience or against your better judgment; you also may be insensitive. A person with a doubtful intellect will always justify a dishonest act. Meditation is the process of purifying and cleaning the intellect, because in meditation we connect with the purest intellect, the intellect of the Supreme Soul or God. Meditation is also a process of inner awakening and strengthening of your conscience. Being awake means to realize, and being strong means to act according to what you have realized.

Soul Sustenance

Mind, Intellect and Personality

Just as electrical energy produces heat, sound or light depending on the device through which it passes, similarly, the energy of consciousness functions through three different but closely connected entities, the mind, intellect and personality.

The Mind
With the power of the mind, one imagines, thinks and forms ideas. The non-physical mind should not be confused with the heart, the physical organ that maintains blood circulation.

The Intellect
The intellect understands, reasons, memorizes, discriminates and makes decisions. The non–physical intellect should not be confused with the physical brain, which is the physical focus of the nervous system.

The Personality 
Habits and sanskaras are all embedded in the soul in the form of impressions as a result of every action performed. The most fundamental feature of every soul, its personality, is determined by such stored impressions. 

Message for the day

Honesty brings success in relationships.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris