Cherished Soul




Greet life with enthusiasm and confidence by constantly maintaining the awareness of how cherished you are.

Joy in Giving

We usually expect from others and rarely think of giving. We are also
not able to give unconditionally. We normally think of what we are
going to get out of giving. So we lose the joy of giving. We usually
don’t get what we expect and when we don’t, we usually experience
negative feelings. There is true joy in giving. When we find someone in
negativity and if we are able to recognize what they need, we can give.
When we give we are able to have the satisfaction of giving. This
enables us to get in touch with our innate qualities and we are able to
use these qualities for the benefit of everyone.

Anger Management

Keep a daily chart for one week for the questions below, the answers to which will help you manage emotions of anger, irritation, frustration, etc. more effectively. Review your progress at the end of each day and then at the end of one week. Having made your observations, make improvements for the next week. Keeping this chart for a month, will help you manage and overcome your anger much better.

1. During which event today did you get angry or irritated…even a little?
2. What was the type of your thoughts at that time?
3. Which negative thought/thoughts contributed to your stress the most?
4. What positive thoughts helped you to regain your calmness and composure?
5. How long did it take to regain your calmness?
6. Why did it take so long to regain your peace?
7. What would you do differently and more appropriately if the same scene happened tomorrow?

Soul Sustenance

Experiencing Peace

In meditation l begin to think about my true identity. l let thoughts about the soul and its qualities fill my mind. Initially it doesn’t matter how fast the thoughts are arising as long as they are moving in the right direction. lf my thoughts wander away, gently, l bring them back again to peaceful thoughts of the self. As l become involved in the experience of such thoughts, they will gradually start to slow down and soon l will be able to savour (taste) them. Just as when l am given something special to eat, l eat it slowly, appreciating each mouthful (its flavour and texture), so I begin to appreciate the experience contained in each positive thought. The simple phrase, ‘I am a peaceful soul’, comes to life as l begin to experience it. 

Message for the day

To transform the self means to receive blessings.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris