Humility Is Greatness




Just as a tree that is full of fruit bows down for others to take the fruit, one who is humble will always live in self respect and treat others with respect.

Inner Stability

The normal reaction for anyone in a situation where there is chaos and
confusion is to react with inner confusion too. This confusion actually
further magnifies the negativity of the situation due to which I am not
able to take the right decisions. When I am in a chaotic situation, the
first thing I need to do is to check my own inner stability. Even if
there is negativity in the situation I need to keep my mind free from
any kind of fear, tension or confusion and I will be able to give my
best in the situation.

The Search For Happiness And A Beautiful Relationship

Throughout history, human beings have desired and searched for two things, happiness and a perfect loveful and beautiful relationship. It is interesting to realize that you cannot search for what, you have not already had or known. In other words, we search for these two things because inside us we have a deep subconscious memory of the original, perfect and eternal relationship with our Friend, Guide and Parent, the One remembered as God, Allah, Ishwar, etc. It is only when we restore our relationship with this Being is that we can experience true happiness or bliss. Bliss is the highest form of spiritual happiness we can experience. It is experienced only when we are free of all attachment, when we no longer identify wrongly with anything physical and when our inner mental state is not dependent on anything or anyone.

At its highest level and in its purest state, our relationship with God is non-dependent and unconditional, and therefore blissfulDeep within the soul, there is a memory of the bliss of this perfect union and it is this memory that inspires us to search for the perfect relationship, for the perfect happiness. However, instead of seeking it at the spiritual level, we seek at the level of personality and body. We search in those around us for the perfect partner – our soul mate. It is not incorrect to have worldly relationships, but there needs to be a deep realization inside each one of us that our true soul mate, is the One with whom we can have an ever-lasting, eternal relationship, the One with whom we have the deepest eternal bond (over a period of many births), the One from whom we will experience everlasting, eternal, unconditional attainments.

Soul Sustenance

Understanding and Overcoming Ego 

To conquer ego, humility and honesty are required. We need the courage to look into the self honestly and acknowledge that the characteristics of I know and I control exist and have to be removed, if there is to be truth and happiness inside. We need to remember the original – I am e.g. * I am a child of the Supreme Soul, similar to him in qualities and powers, * I am the soul which is seated on the Supreme Being’s (God’s) heart throne, * I am a knowledgeful soul, * I am a blissful soul who gifts everyone with the treasure of happiness etc.

Through meditation and remembering the true – I am (shared above), the pollution of the selfish ego is gradually replaced by the remembrance and the experience of the pure self: the I that is not attached to anything, or anyone, but is completely whole within itself. The expression of this pure entity is not selfish but selfless and the person begins to share with others, everything that he/she possesses – knowledge, specialties, talents, virtues etc. where necessary, facilitating the awakening of the true potential of others, just like sunlight. Light is a great facilitator. It steps in, awakens and then moves on. An ego less person acts, interacts and expresses themselves in this way. 

Message for the day 

The one with true mercy fills hope even in the ones who are hopeless. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris