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My heart is full and open, flowing with pure good feelings and good wishes for everyone. I follow my spontaneous instinct to give and I am totally happy.


Love makes us free from expectations, which enables us to accept people
as they are. We are then able to understand others’ uniqueness and
provide them with whatever is necessary for their positive growth. Let
me think of one person in whom I am not able to tolerate some quality.
I then need to tell myself that just as a mother accepts her child even
with weaknesses, I will accept this person as he is. When I change my
attitude towards that person I can be free in my mind and give them the
freedom to express their uniqueness.

God As The Ocean Of Knowledge

It is believed that God knows the details of every atom and every thought in the universe. It is because of God’s ultimate, pervasive knowledge that He can be described as an ocean. Understanding this world does not necessarily mean to be aware of every detail of the movement of every single leaf or every single molecule. All that is required is to understand completely the conditions through which souls and matter pass.

One of the basic beliefs of Christians is that God created man in His own image. God, being the embodiment of knowledge, creates with knowledge. Being the wisest of all, He has the power to change the intellects of human souls. How? When we, the souls, having come in the process of birth and rebirth, become impure, God shares with us the knowledge of the soul and its births; the knowledge of Himself, the Creator; the knowledge of meditation i.e. the method of connecting with him and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation or the vast world drama, as a result of which we are able to appreciate this drama, and imbibe our true qualities of love, peace and bliss. As a result we are liberated from sorrow and a new world order is created. In order for him to perform His work as Creator it is not necessary for Him to listen to our every thought, our every secret. He is part of an eternal, predestined drama that He did not create but in which He finds Himself as the principal actor. Thus He is the only true philanthropist. Human actions, whether good or bad, are dictated by self-concern, whereas God has nothing to gain because He is complete in all respects. He is the perfect embodiment of spirituality. He alone has the right to give knowledge regardless of human arguments. His knowledge is purely spiritual.

Soul Sustenance

Experiencing Spiritual Growth Through Group Interactions 

As explained in yesterday’s message, if you are living in isolation you don’t become aware of the dimensions of your ego and, therefore, you cannot overcome it.

Also, the beauty of group interactions or being a part of a spiritual community or any other group, is that in groups, various powers like the power to:

* adapt and mould oneself with people of different personality traits and as different situations in the group demand;
* tolerate;
* face negative situations in interactions;
* forgive and forget;
* become a detached observer of situations and people’s actions, not to get over involved, in order to maintain one’s stability and calmness;
* co-operate;
* communicate;
* see and absorb only specialties of each one (inspite of obvious weaknesses being visible) and spreading the specialties (not weaknesses) to the others in the group, by way of praising and not criticizing them;
* listen, understand and empathize;
* discriminate and judge different situations and people;
* go into inner silence, whenever required, amidst the actions and interactions of group activity;
* show respect to each one and remain in self-respect;
* remain content or satisfied and make the others content; etc.

are absolutely necessary to experience success in the groups, either within the relationships with others or even with the self. There is a difference between experiencing success with the self while staying alone and within a group. By bringing the above powers into practice in a group, they increase further inside us. This does not happen in isolation, or if it does, then the extent is quite limited. So basically, being a part of a group, brings about greater spiritual growth and empowerment.

Message for the day

To have true faith in oneself is to attain success. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris