New Response

If you can see and accept that you create your own stress according to how you are responding, you will then see that there is something you need to unlearn as well as learn. The old response needs to be unlearned, and a new response needs to be learned.




It is true that there is much suffering in the world. But do we need to
worry about it? If we focus on the negative, that drains us of the
strength to help. Goodness and truth are also at work in our world, as
well as darker forces. When I switch on my awareness of positive
qualities common to humanity, it is like bringing light into the
darkness. The past stops haunting me and I stop worrying about the
future. I see more clearly what I need to do now, for lasting happiness
and health.

Overcome Feelings Of Revenge By Changing Your Belief System

It’s worth wondering, what I need to change inside my belief system so that no feelings of revenge exist inside me for anyone irrespective of what someone has done to me. When someone harms me or insults me in any way, what is the belief that exists inside my inherent belief system that causes feelings of revenge to emerge inside me in the first place? It is the belief that ‘whenever someone does something negative to me, he hurts me, he is the victimizer and I am a victim’. I need to change that to – ‘no one can never hurt me, but it’s what I do with someone’s negative actions, what shape I give the negative actions inside my mind, that causes me hurt, the choice lies with me’.

Two people will do two different things inside their minds with the offensive or negative actions of a particular person – one will create feelings of anger, hatred, sorrow, etc which will give rise to the desire for revenge; the other will create feelings of peace, love and good wishes which will give rise to only forgiveness, with no room for revenge. In other words, two different people will respond in two different ways to the negativity of the so called victimizer, depending on their belief system, their inherent personality or nature, their experience of similar negative actions in the past, either committed by the same person or by other people. All these factors will shape their perception of the other’s actions and the self. One will see the other or perceive the other as the victimizer and himself as a victim and another will not identify the other person with his negative actions, but will instead focus on his inherent positive nature or positive aspects of his current personality and will also remain unaffected himself.

Soul Sustenance 

Stress Management

There are some false beliefs about stress that we have acquired:
“Stress can only be treated by a doctor”
Truth: If you have some serious physical discomfort then perhaps it’s time for a visit to the doctor. But unless you change your thoughts and feelings the pain won’t go away forever. Medicines are irrelevant to the task of putting positive power into what you think and feel. So perhaps it’s time to be your own doctor, take your own pulse, feel your own feelings and diagnose your own state of being. Only then will you be naturally interested in the ‘inner’ remedies, treatments and methods to help free yourself of the pain we call stress, and only then will you return to optimum mental and emotional health. The treatments for your head and heart are a lot different from those for your body. When you truly, deeply realize that all your stress begins with your own thoughts and emotions, and that you are the only one responsible, only then will meditation, visualization and positive thinking suddenly arouse your curiosity.

Message for the day 

Humility brings learning.

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