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Wow…that’s beautiful!” Is either a cry or a thought when faced with the mountain sunset, a spectacular view or a well formed man or a woman.  But where is the beauty, where is the appreciation of beauty, where is the ability to discern beauty? It is within our own consciousness. For the essence of who and what we are beauty itself. The essence of beauty is not found in the body, a face or a mountain – they only stir the essence of beauty within our own spirit. And that beauty is not only something we taste within ourselves, but it emerges in our character as virtue, and in our life as care. For what is virtue, but love in action? The next time you say, “That’s beautiful!” know that you speak of yourself, and it is you who are beautiful. Always were, always will be.

On A Spiritual Joyride 

Spirituality is a beautiful and fulfilling lifestyle which everyone in the world needs to adopt and it is not only for people who have an interest in religion already or are spiritually inclined. Spirituality gives the power of relieving yourself of all pressures and it also teaches us the way of keeping our thoughts, words and actions in check, both of which are necessary for being successful. Also, spirituality does not mean leaving material comforts of life and lead a life which is different from the world but on the other hand it changes our relationship with material comforts and makes us less attached to them. This helps us experience permanent joy from them. On the other hand an attachment to them can give sorrow also at times. So, never hesitate to sit on the joyride of spirituality, as we call it, because life and the relationships and roles that way we play and the way we play them changes after doing that. Ask someone who is spiritual and loves leading a life according to spiritual principles and does it without overdoing it i.e. he or she does not become over-spiritual so as to lose the balance. Such a person will say will tell you how lightness and contentment along with the power to handle situations and also the ability to change your thinking whenever required, from negative to positive are some of the benefits of a spiritual life.

Also, talking about love filled relationships; there are people, whose relationships were on the brink of finishing. A spiritual life gave them the method of living their life with love, immense happiness and power and they overcome their difficult relationships without making much effort. In fact, there are many marriages of people who joined or got associated with the Brahma Kumaris, which were saved from divorces, because of their change in ways of thinking and facing the difficult situations that arise in marriages because of ego clashes and differences of opinions


Restless to Restful

Often we’re tired because we’re running marathons in our minds.

Thinking about things to do, what’s been done, what should have been done; what others did, are doing, should do… Tiredness makes the mind even more restless.

Why not take a thought break! Slow down your thoughts and let your mind go from restless to restful.

Release tiredness and the mind will think better.

Message for the day

To experience happiness is to give happiness to others too. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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